Welcome to another year or your first at the University of Northampton. I'm Juanita Tsikata, your LGBTQ Officer and President of the LGBTQ Society.

I just finished my first year doing Creative Writing and Journalism, Joint Honours. (Not so fancy as it sounds, honestly)

So you've finally made it into university amidst the stress. Well done. We're so proud of you. The LGBTQ society is a safe medium through which issues of equality, representation and discrimination are put forward to the union. But don't forget, aside from the boring old politics, we're also strongly for socialization and entertainment. This year we aim to get lots of members to keep the society up and running (and maybe be the best there is. But hush tell no one.) From Coffee socials, film nights, and even nights out in town..or lunch maybe? The choice is up to you. Just remember we're here for you, to listen to you confidentially and offer welfare support if necessary.

University is difficult and like Kay said, being under the LGBTQ umbrella isn't easy either. But trust me, if I made it through my first year. So can each and every one of you.

I look forward to meeting you this year.

Much Love,




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