I have some exciting news for any students who identify as trans*. I am currently trying to create a link between the LGBT society and  a free mentoring service that is available to all trans* students thanks to the charity 'Gendered Intelligence'.

The idea is to provide one-on-one mentoring sessions with a Gendered Intelligence trans* mentor, to help trans* students who may be struggling with managing gender issues, experiencing some of the challenges of living as a trans person in education or may have existing mental health issues which are exacerbated by being trans.

The service is paid for by funding available to help students with particular needs in Higher Education, so its free for both you and the university. In order to qualify for funding, you need a letter from a doctor confirming a mental health diagnosis as evidence of your need for mentoring (This includes ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ as well as diagnoses such as depression or anxiety), however a letter from your GP saying how your identity as trans effects your grades etc will also suffice if you are yet to get a diagnosis.

They can provide practical support with social and medical transition (such as assistance with information, name changes, referrals, etc). They can also advise on organisation and study skills, careers, housing and financial information. They provide advocacy support - to ensure your needs are met within the university by talking to academic staff or unviersity administration about any issues, either with you, with another member of the LGBT society (probably me as I'm the Trans* officer) or on your behalf.

Normally this has to be arranged on a one-to-one basis with GI but I am hoping to make it so that it can be done though the LGBT society if you are worried about contacting them.

I am really excited about this and hope you are too. Anyone who thinks they might benefit from this please get in touch with me (kay.medcalf@hotmail.co.uk) or by emailing Gendered Intelligence directly at admin@genderedintelligence.co.uk .


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