As the society enters its second year, Maggie and I are working hard to think of new ways to improve the society and events to plan so that we can all have a bit of fun. 

Keeping with tradition, one of the first events in the coming year with be an outing to the local gay bar, The Boston Clipper! Details are yet to be decided but there'll be plenty of advertisement in advance. 

We're also planning on keeping up with the drop-in-sessions. These are designed to be a nice opportunity for LGBTQ students to gather and chat about/discuss LGBTQ topics with some tea and biscuits (tea and biscuits both optional) or as a safe place for troubled voices to be heard in confidence.

There'll definitely be a place for film nights next year, too, and we have a good amount of queer theatre (thanks to our drama majoring President) and film, or anything you guys want to watch. 

We all know that being under the LGBTQ umbrella doesn't necessarily set us up for easy lives, and while we pride ourselves in creating a safe and friendly atmosphere for students in this position, we'd also like to try and organise other types of events.

If anyone has any queries, ideas or comments, do feel free to contact us.



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